hi, i'm tia.

I am a YWCA Young Woman of Distinction + avid polyglot.

Tia Wangechi

I am passionate about fostering understanding within my communities; protecting the environment; uniting people through food; enhancing my creativity through art + design; and expanding my horizons via tech + travel. 

In addition to sharing my passions, I am compelled to employ my written voice as a tool of empowerment and to provide insights. At the end of the day, actively seeking truth and appreciating the nuances of our differences trumps the less appetizing alternative, a fatefully ignorant existence.

why the semicolon?

I believe the semicolon is a visual representation of our current social + political state.

Ben MacIntyre, of the The Times (London), noted, "Americans have long regarded the semi-colon with suspicion [...] Real men, goes the unwritten rule of American punctuation, don’t use semi-colons."

Relegated to literature's sidelines, based on the unwritten law upheld by the powerful majority, the semicolon remains misunderstood and its being ignored, despite its role in a variety of languages to its use in computer programming, mathematics, and of course, emojis.

Unfortunately, like the semicolon, many communities in our society are marginalized. Simply put, are all punctuations created equal, or are some punctuations more important than others? For some, ironically, issues plaguing the human condition become clearer in the abstract.

#YoureWelcome #MakingSemicolonsGreatAgain